Once upon a time, on a fortune cookie.


Today the message in my fortune cookie was:

“You will soon be confronted with unlimited opportunities”

…Then I was asked to participate in a show in New York this November…

…After which a friend who’s started a gallery in New Orleans dropped by my studio to pick out work to put in his gallery…

…Followed by a call from a gallery owner in Bellevue, WA who had just received my work and was prepping to show it at an opening on Thursday…

That was the first time a fortune cookie actually made any sense to me. I’m sure hard work and persistence pay off, but sometimes things just line up nicely and/or you find a little luck behind your hard work.


Below is a new piece I just finished made of cast glass and marble, which has been glued together and then cut and ground into shape. It’s about 30″ tall and is the largest piece of coldworked glass I’ve made since installing a seven foot tall monument in downtown Bellingham, WA a few years ago.


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