Warren Buffett and Tom Waits

Whats the relation between a track on the Mule Variations album by Tom Waits called Get behind the Mule and Warren Buffett: a story I read about a horse trainer named J.J. Pletcher in the Sunday New York Times… J.J. manages over 100 horses for dozens of owners and when asked how he keeps track of all the details of his $23.1 million business he recounted a story told by a Warren Buffett underling who was asked by Warren to analyze every company on the stock market…after assigning this daunting task, Warren suggested that he start with the letter A and work toward Z– that’s what horse trainer J.J. Pletcher does, and that’s what I intend to do– Get behind the mule in the morning and plow!

I also read a proverb once that said roughly: “Any man that rises before the sun every day shall not fail to make his family wealthy”

Spiritual or financial, wealth is work. Thankfully, one of the times that I’m happiest is when I’m working.

One more word: work-a-frolic (Robert St. John video on TED- check it out). http://thebusinesssuccessfactory.com/im-not-a-workaholic-im-a-workafrolic-8-secrets-of-success/

New Work! Photos of my new body of work: Enough words for today, here are ‘two-thousand words’…


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