I have the habit of reading pretty cheesy motivational books — a fact that I’m not proud to admit, but there it is. I usually cover them in black paper and hide them as people walk past, but I’ve recently realized that they help me keep track of the things that are important, and those things make me happy. Happiness…the big, stupid word at which everyone smirks. Even though we’ve been convinced that  China is taking over the world and that we’re in the “great recession,” there ‘s plenty of hope to be had, and ample happiness. Go find it…or create it if you don’t see it.

Below is a piece that I was inspired to create after experiencing the ornate architecture of New Orleans. The wood is reclaimed lumber (from NOLA) and the glass is cast from recycled bottles we’ve gathered from the community to use in our furnaces. The texture on the back that you see through the front of the glass is called ‘batutto,’ meaning ‘hammered’ or ‘struck’  in Italian, and is created by engraving the piece with a glass lathe. This piece also has a layer of silver, then gold leaf on surface of the ‘batutto’ texture to match the warm tones of the wood.





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  1. WOW! Your work is amazingly beautiful and intriguing to one’s eye. This is the kind of artwork that I love to have as possessions. Perhaps I can purchase a piece from your wonderful collection some day soon. Keep on creating. I love it! Robyn Bergdahl (Allegra’s Auntie Robyn from Michigan)

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